HSS 75th Anniversary with Anup Jalotaji

Awards day held on 2 March 2019

The Sangh recently paid hamge to two of its stalwarts, Pts B Behadar and Piyarilall Ragubeer. Seeing here is Sharda Philips, Pt Piyarilall’s daughter singing a dedication to her father. She is accompanied by Sri Vishen Kemraj

Members Aradhana’s Dance Academy of Pietermaritzburg perfroming at the Nritya Utsav

Culture – Nritya Utsav

Kiran Eashwarlall and Party performed at this year’s Sangh pre Diwali festival – seen here with members of the Sangh’s cultural committee

Sri Abhedanand Beejan and his students perform at the 2017 Hindi Shiksha Sangh Bhajan Sandhya 4.

Noushad Qawal of Ahmedabad India celebrates the Hindi Shiksha Sangh 69th Anniversary at the Kasieprasad Pattundeen Hindi Centre, Chatsworth

Participants at the annual Eisteddfod, Chatsworth

A dramatic scene from Eisteddfod 2017

Prof U D Shukla thanks Srimathi Shamin Thakur Rajbansi with a token of our appreciation while Regional Director Srimathi Mala Pursad looks on

Dr M K Angajanji with members of HSSD Exco – Raj Dhanlall, Viran Singh, M K Angajan, Manoj Dhanilall, Devan Shukla and Rajish Lucthman

Participants in the 2nd National Hindi Conference in the Youth Category

Prof U D Shukla ( HSS President)

Participants in the Adult category with Prof R Sitaram (HSS Academic Director)

These are photographs from the highly successful  Hindi Sanskrithik Diwas” ( Hindi Cultural Day) celebrated by the Gauteng Hindi Shiksha Sangh Held on 31 March 2019