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Prior to the establishment of the Hindi Shiksha Sangh (HSS), the promotion and nurturing of the Hindi language in South Africa was largely the responsibility of community-based organizations. Since the arrival of the first group of indentured labourers in this country in 1860, religious and other cultural events provided useful but informal forums for this purpose.

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The Hindi Shiksha Sangh was launched at this meeting and he became its first President, nurturing the organisation for twenty-seven years. On October 17, 1948, this newly formed body organized a Hindi conference to generate interest in the community for the learning of Hindi. 35 Hindi Patshalas joined the Sangh at that function. When the Sangh realized that many Hindi teachers in the schools were not adequately qualified it started Teacher Training classes with Panditji as the facilitator. Thereafter, the Sangh took on the challenge as a non-governmental organization in the country to promote and teach Hindi on an organized basis. The Hindi Shiksha Sangh is the legacy that Pandit Nardevji Vedalankar has left behind.

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